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Ashley's Wish to go to Paris


Ashley has always been a super active, healthy, and out-going girl. She one day acquired a lingering cough that would not go away, and one night she began to cough up blood, with fevers and vomiting to follow. She finally went to see a doctor and not long after ended up in the ER because of shallow breathing and low oxygen levels. Scans showed that her lungs were three-quarters filled with fluid and she had to be put on a life support system to help her body become stable. She was soon after diagnosed with Wegner’s, and has since had multiple blood transfusions, been on dialysis, and underwent six rounds of chemo. Ashley is currently recovering well and has returned back to school.

When asked about what she would like to wish for, Ashley had some fun ideas. Some of these included being a movie star, meeting her favorite band,  or having a prom dress since she could not attend her High School prom. But ultimately, Ashley decided her biggest wish was to go to Paris.  Ashley’s parents met in French class, so she has always had the idea of France in her head as a place she would want to visit. 

In January 2018, Ashley arrived at the Wishing Place by limo under the impression she was doing a Blood Source and KCRA 3 interview for their January blood drive. Shortly after she arrived she was surprised by more than 70 of her friends and family as her wish to go to Paris was revealed to her. As she looked forward to going on her wish trip, she dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower, eating croissants and crepes, learning about the history, and visiting the inspiration for her favorite movie, Moulin Rouge.  After all of the sacrifices that Ashley has had to make due to her illness, going to Paris is her idea of the perfect wish. 

Thank you to Blood Source for making her wish possible! 

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