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Alyssa's wish to explore Italy!

As a studious 18-year-old, Alyssa has always been curious about the world around her. Throughout her treatment for leukemia, Alyssa spent time watching shows about travelling to exotic destinations.  Seeing all the excitement different places had to offer, it gave her the will to fight so that one day she too might travel the world.

Alyssa’s favorite travel show is Rick Steves’ Europe on the Public Broadcasting Station. When Make-A-Wish asked Alyssa what her one true wish was, she did not hesitate and took inspiration from the show she loved most.  Alyssa’s wish was to go on a Rick Steves style tour of Italy!

When she was strong enough for her wish Alyssa embarked on the trip of a lifetime, bound for Italy. She and her family were able to travel Italy, exploring everything it had to offer including the culture, food, and architecture.

“I have always heard that Italy was beautiful, but could have never dreamed that I would have the chance to visit there and have an experience that far exceeded any of my dreams,” Alyssa said.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart—It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. ”

— Allysa

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