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Dominic's Night of Gratitude

I wish to give back to those that have supported my through my medical journey

Dominic’s wish to host a Night of Gratitude

It all starts with one question. If you could wish for anything, what would it be? Wish kids from our community walk through our doors every day wishing to meet their favorite celebrity, to go to a special destination, or have something they could only dream about. And then you get kids like Dominic, who come to our wishing place and wish for something different. When Dominic came to the Wishing Place in Sacramento, he was asked to make a wish in each of the four categories: to be, to meet, to have or to go. He thoughtfully considered each category and decided that he doesn’t need to BE anybody or anything as he is happy with who he is; he doesn’t wish to MEET anyone because he doesn’t really follow or have any favorite celebrities; he couldn’t think of anything to HAVE because he already considers himself rich in family and friends and finally he really doesn’t like to GO anywhere because frankly, when he does, he gets a little homesick.

Ultimately, Dominic wished for something beyond himself. He wished to host a Night of Gratitude awards ceremony in which he handed out thank-you awards to all his supporters through his medical journey. Dominic’s wish was sponsored by Five Star Bank and enhanced by Shutterfly. A wish has the power to transform many lives, and Dominic’s wish is a genuine example of this. WATCH

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