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On December 18, 2003, Paul and Carol welcomed their baby boy, Eric, into the world and brought him home to Stockton.  At his two-month check-up, tests were performed that revealed a brain tumor.  When Eric was only a tiny infant, doctors performed brain surgery to remove as much of the tumor as they could.  Eric then went through aggressive chemotherapy for nearly three years.  Eric visits the hospital each year for an MRI, and he has fortunately had nine years of clean scans.  However, because of where the tumor was positioned in his brain, Eric does experience some challenges with his motor skills and speech; he is not able to read or write.

Eric has always been fascinated by different cars and trucks, especially if they have flashing lights and make different noises.  His favorite cars to watch are fire trucks and ambulances, and he always dreamed of one day riding in each of those cars himself!  Whenever Eric hears a siren, he cranes his head to try and get a glimpse of it and see what is going on.  He even has fire truck and ambulance toys at home that he loves to play with. 

On March 31, 2016 Eric’s wish was granted. With the support from the City of Stockton, Stockton Police, and the Stockton Fire Department, Eric got to ride in both a fire truck and an ambulance! But his wish experience didn’t end there. He got to experience a whole day as a full-fledged firefighter!

His day began with a surprise when he got picked up at his house by the Stockton Fire Department. They took him to their Fire Station where he received his very own uniform. He then got to ride in the fire truck again to meet Anthony Silva, Stockton Major. It was a magical experience as the whole community came together to cheer on #HeroEric along the way. Next, Eric returned to the firehouse, where he responded to a real fire!

“This has been an amazing day for Eric. This was more than he could have ever wished for. He has had a really long journey and something like this is so special for him.” – Carol, Eric’s mom.

A few months later, Eric was pinned by Stockton Fire Chief Erik Newman, who declared Eric an Honorary Stockton Firefighter for life.

A special thank you to City of Stockton, Stockton Fire Department, Stockton Police, and Eric’s Adopt-A-Wish Sponsor, JR Putman.  

Eric is now an Honorary Stockton Firefighter for life ”

— Erik Newman, Stockton Fire Chief

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