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Nov 26, 2019

Wish Week Shares the Make-A-Wish Story from Wish Kids to Volunteers

Wish Week on Fox40
We are so fortunate throughout our 45 counties to have amazing support from our media partners!

Most recently, FOX40 (KTXL) in Sacramento not only served as a media sponsor for our chapter's annual Wake Up for Wishes event, but also began "Wish Week", a week-long feature telling incredible, impactful and behind the scenes stories about Make-A-Wish Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada.

For starters, the curtain had to be rolled back on how wishes actually begin! That's why they began at The Wishing Place, just north of Sacramento in Natomas and one of only six in existence in the world.

Chapter President & CEO Jennifer Stolo introduced just how wishes call home as she walked through a very, very special room.

But a walk through isn't enough. Which is why our VP of Mission Delivery, Joanie Johnston, took FOX40 reporter Oliva DeGennaro on a tour of just how Wish Kids go about making their wishes at this amazing facility!

But what's a room to make wishes without kids who are making wishes? That's why next up FOX40 told the story of Wish Kid Cooper and his family. Cooper, 10, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby. Cooper was able to go to the Wishing Place and craft his wishes. He wished to be in the movies, wished to meet the president, wished to have a computer and his favorite wish, to go see the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Eric Harryman, FOX40 anchorman and co-emcee of the 2019 Wake Up for Wishes Event, featured Cooper's story.

The story didn't stop there! Cooper, who was waiting for his wish to be granted, was invited to talk about what it was like to wait for his wish at Wake Up for Wishes. So he and his dad Ryan were invited on stage and little did Cooper know, his wish to see the Eiffel Tower was being granted! You can watch the full segment from the program by clicking here (which you should do because it's so sweet), or you can see just how excited he was when FOX40 continued their Cooper coverage during Wish Week!

Obviously, Cooper was excited. It's that level of anticipation and excitement that has doctors like Dr. Kent Jolly of Kaiser Permanente Roseville prescribing "wishes" for critically ill children. He's seen it time-and-time again, so it was easy for him to make his own appearance during Wish Week to tell viewers the impact a wish can have on a patient firsthand. 

As you can see, a wish can have a profound impact on a child. Wish Kids like Timothy have taken their experience to the next level too!

It's not just about one Wish Kid, it's about them all for Timothy, who was profiled not only for his survival of a critical illness, but for his genuine love for other Wish Kids!

Timothy also came in studio with his mom to discuss further his mission of giving back and raising money to help grant more wishes for other Wish Kids!

And it's not just Timothy who's doing his part to give back either. Make-A-Wish has hundreds of volunteers who help amplify the reach the mission has. Whether it be volunteering during an event, around a particular wish, or even in the office, volunteers are vital to the mission. Longtime volunteer, Jill Ballard, was asked to discuss how she's made an impact with Make-A-Wish to wrap up Wish Week.

An amazing week showcasing the Make-A-Wish mission! Our thanks to everyone at FOX40 for these incredible and inspirational stories!

Did these inspire you too? Well you can make an impact with one of our local children battling a critical illness by joining our mission. You can certainly join Jill and the many others who volunteer with Make-A-Wish, or, you can donate to the mission by clicking here! Whether it's a couple dollars you can give, or even sponsoring an entire wish will help return the joy and hope to a child with a critical illness.

And be sure to follow us on social media @MakeAWishCANV on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for more incredible stories!

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