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“ Thank you for making her wish come true! ”

- Maren's Mom, Samantha

  • Maren , 4

    • ewing's sarcoma
    • I wish to go to Hawaii and swim with a mermaid

Maren’s Medical journey began when she was two years old and spiked a 104 degree fever.  Doctors instructed Maren’s mom, Samantha, to monitor her fever closely. A week later, her fever persisted and developed into an earache.  When antibiotics failed to help and Maren developed back pain, her parents decided to seek the opinion of a different physician.  After multiple trips to the emergency room, MRI scans and doctor evaluations, Maren’s pediatrician sent her by ambulance to the hospital, where she was soon diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma.  While at the hospital, Maren had a spinal cord stroke and was rushed into surgery as doctors had less than 10 hours to restore her mobility.  The road to recovery has been very difficult for Maren.  She has suffered from a toxicity seizure due to chemotherapy, broke her leg as a result of brittle bones from treatment, and requires the use of a wheelchair.

Despite the challenging medical journey she is facing, Maren’s spirit and strength has not been broken. When Maren came to the Wishing Place to make a wish, she showed her big imagination and unique ideas.  Maren decided that her top choice for a wish would be to visit Hawaii and swim with a mermaid.  Maren said that she wanted to swim with mermaids because since she can’t walk, she can connect with them in the water.

Recently Maren’s wish came true and she was able to go to Hawaii with her family and swim with the beautiful mermaids!

 “I, her dad, her sister, as well as Maren, have LOVED every minute of our Make-A-Wish experience. We are so grateful for everything! Cancer sure is the worst club ever, but we are so fortunate to come across the amazing people at Make-A-Wish! Thank you for making her wish come true!” - Maren's mom, Stephanie



we loved every minute of our Make-A-Wish experience! ”

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