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Bryan's Disney Cruise

Bryan hero

“ I feel very special! I got an autograph and met Mickey Mouse! ”

- Wish Child Bryan

Before giving birth to their baby boy, Bryan’s parents knew that he would have a difficult medical journey ahead.  A prenatal ultrasound revealed that Bryan suffered from a heart condition. Following his second heart surgery after he was born, Bryan suffered a stroke at just five months-old. In just 14 years, Bryan has already had three surgeries to try to correct the problem. In addition, Bryan was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and suffers from vocal cord paralysis.

When it came time for Bryan to make his wish, he recalled having already experienced the joy of theme parks in the past but had never experienced a cruise. Bryan thought what better way to experience a cruise than being on a Disney Cruise.

“I feel very special! I got an autograph and met Mickey Mouse! – Wish Child Bryan

Once they got on the cruise ship, they felt welcomed by all of the staff and characters. Bryan got a private meeting with Mickey Mouse and got his autograph. Ever since he watched "Cinderella" on Broadway, Bryan has had an interest in theater, which made it no surprise that they watched the show, “Twice Charmed” on the cruise and it blew him away. Bryan’s family stated “The wish experience exceeded our expectations and made a positive difference in our families lives.” 

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